ontario is moving forward with its plan to power trains with hydrogen fuel cells




Fuel cells are a viable option forOntario’s railway system



The ontario government is moving ahead witha project that will determine the feasibility of hydrogen-powered trains. Theproject involves implementing new train technology that could eventuallyreplace the solutions used to power conventional trains. The province’s newproject comes shortly after the release of its Hydrogen Rail Feasibility Study.The study found that trains that operate using hydrogen fuel are a viable formof transportation. As such, ontario is likely to show more support for thesetrains in the coming years as it works to become more environmentally friendly.



Companies are working to provide provincewith designs for hydrogen-powered trains



Currently, ontario is working with trainmanufacturers in order to further its plans concerning hydrogen fuel. BothAlstom and Siemes have been tapped to develop concept designed for hydrogen-poweredtrains. The trains would be equipped with advanced fuel cell systems, allowingthem to operate without producing any harmful emissions. The ontario governmentis also looking to other companies to help develop innovative clean traindesigns.



Clean transportation is becoming moreimportant in Canada



Canada has been growing increasinglyinterested in clean transportation in recent years. The country has begun toshow some support for hydrogen fuel cells, though these energy systems arestill quite rare. Canadian officials believe that fuel cells have significantpromise. Katheryn McGarry, Minister of Transportation for Ontario, suggeststhat exploring the potential uses of fuel cells is a worthwhile effort. Theseenergy systems may end up revolutionizing Ontario’s railway network if enoughserious support is shown.

在最近几年,加拿大对清洁交通的兴趣日益浓厚。同时加拿大也对氢能燃料电池行业提供了一定的支持,尽管这些能源公司数量不算多。加拿大政府相信燃料电池行业有着重要的发展前景。安大略省交通部部长,Katheryn McGarry,建议说探索燃料电池的潜在用途是非常值得做的一件事情。如有了足够的支持,这些能源系统可能会最终改变安大略省的铁路网络。


ontario is making progress in makingtransportation cleaner



Canada is eager to find ways to maketransportation more environmentally friendly. The country has been working topromote the adoption of electric vehicles for some time. ontario is currentlyone of the larger clean transportation markets in Canada. The province hasshown commitment to electrifying its railway system in order to reduce theemissions produced by trains every year. Making significant reductions in theseemissions is a priority for the province.