Fuel Cell Electric Heavy-Duty Trucks Projects



WaterstofNet is a non-profit company in thehydrogen sector active in different hydrogen & power-to-gas related projects. WaterstofNet executes four heavy duty projects.



Project ‘Hydrogen Region 2.0’

Hydrogen Region 2.0项目


Within the Interreg Flanders/Netherlandsfunded project 'Hydrogen Region 2.0', one of the projects is the development and demonstration of a 44 ton heavy duty truck with fuel cell technology.

在Interreg Flanders/Netherlands(荷兰)项目资金的支持下,“Hydrogen Region 2.0”项目,是一次集中发展和展示44吨的氢能燃料电池重型卡车的项目。


General specifications (provisional)



• Modulair approach (based on batteryelectric truck)

• H2 range extended truck + plug-in

• Battery capac. 72 kWh

• TRL 3 > 6

• Fuel cell (88 kW)

• Hydrogen storage (30 kg H2)

• Basis DAF CF FT 4x2 44 ton

• Expected range approx. 350 km (to bedemonstrated)

• Demonstration start 2018.

• Aim is serial production VDL Bus & Chassis Eindhoven (The Netherlands)



•电池容量 72千瓦

•TRL(技术成熟度-TechnicalReadiness Level) 3>6

•燃料电池 88千瓦

•基础 DAF CF FT 4 x2 44吨

•预计可行驶里程最多 350公里(有待展示)

•展示开始时间 2018年

•目标是成批成产VDL汽车& ChassisEindhoven(荷兰)



Project H2-Share

H2-Share 项目


Within the project H2Share, a 28 ton rigid truck with fuel cell technology and one flexible mobile refueler will be builtand demonstrated in 4 countries and 6 cities. A ‘fuel cell heavy duty truckroadmap’ for North West Europe will be made to enhance further development in this sector.




General specifications (provisional)



▪ Basis DAF CF FAN6x228 ton

▪ Pressure level350 bar

▪ Power 210 kW

▪ TRL 5 > 7

▪ Torque 2.000Nm

▪ Battery 72 kWh

▪ Power fuelcell 88 kW

▪ Hydrogenstorage (30 kg H2)

▪ Range approx.400 km (to de demonstrated)

▪ Demo’sexpecting to start in 2019 in Belgium, Germany, France and The Netherlands

▪基本DAF CF FAN 6x228吨

▪压力水平 350bar

▪功率 210千瓦

▪TRL 5>7

▪矩 2.000

▪电池 72千瓦

▪燃料电池 88 千瓦

▪储氢 30公斤

▪最高行驶里程约 400公里(有待展示)




Project Life ’N GrabHy

Life ’N GrabHy 项目


Within the project LIFE ‘N GARB HY!’ s two refuse trucks will be converted to hydrogen and will be operated mainly in and around the city of Eindhoven (The Netherlands). In later stages these vehicles will be demonstrated in ten different locations in Europe. Refuse trucks are mainly operational in densely populated urban areas, in which there are strict criteria concerning emissions and environmental standards. A refuse truck onhydrogen is zero emission and is largely silent, thus meeting municipalities’,waste collection institutions and the local residents’ requirements.

LIFE ‘N GARB HY!’的项目,是把2辆垃圾卡车转化成氢能燃料电池车,然后主要是在荷兰南部的城市埃因霍温进行展示。在项目的后期,这些车辆会在欧洲10个不同的地区进行展示。氢能燃料电池卡车无排放且静音,达到了城市,垃圾收集机构以及本地居民们的要求。


General specifications



• Truck 1 Baetsen: DAF CF290 FAG 6x2 EURO 6, converted to hydrogen electricHybrid backloader

• Truck 2 Cure: Daf EURO3, facelift to EURO 6 and chassis lengthened by 50 cm,converted to hydrogen electric Hybrid sideloader

• Operation starts Q1 2018,



 • 卡车 1 Baetsen: DAF CF 290 FAG 6x2 EURO 6, 转换成为氢能燃料电池,电动混合动力反铲装载机

•       卡车2 Cure: Daf EURO 3, facelift to EURO 6 and chassis lengthenedby 50 cm, 转换成为氢能燃料电池,电动混合动力侧向装卸机

•       项目自2018年第一季度开始



Project ReVive

ReVive 项目


15 refuse trucks to be tested in differentcities in Europe.



▪ Timeline:Jan.2018 – Dec. 2021

▪ Partners:

Tractebel Engineering (BE),

Servizi Energia Ambiente Bolzano (IT)

Azienda Servizi Municipalizzati di Merano(IT)

SUEZ Nederland Holding (NL) GemeenteGroningen (NL) Gemeente Breda (NL)

Stad Antwerpen (BE)

Gemeente Amsterdam (NL) Element EnergyLimited (UK)


WaterstofNet (BE)

SymbioFCell (FR)

E-Trucks Europe (BE)

Swiss Hydrogen (CH)

Saver (NL)







Servizi Energia Ambiente Bolzano(意大利)

Azienda Servizi Municipalizzati di Merano(意大利)

SUEZ Nederland Holding (NL) GemeenteGroningen(荷兰)

Gemeente Breda(荷兰)

Stad Antwerpen(比利时)

Gemeente Amsterdam(荷兰)

Element Energy Limited(英国)




E-Trucks Europe(比利时)

Swiss Hydrogen(瑞士)




WaterstofNet activities


• develops andbuilds sustainable hydrogen projects;

• creates roadmaps for hydrogen refuellinginfrastructure (H2 mobility) and energy storage, referred to as ‘power-to-gas’;

• develops and coordinates industrialecosystems involving hydrogen;

• facilitates cooperation between industry,policy-makers, researchers, and education;

• communicates with policy-makers,stakeholders, and the general public about hydrogen;

• is a partner in different Europeanhydrogen projects (FCH JU, Interreg, Life, TEN-T/CEF)

• cooperates with other European hydrogenregions;

• is active in international hydrogennetworks, such as the International Energy Agency (IEA).

•       研发并打造可持续发展的氢能项目

•       为加氢站基础设施建设(H2 Mobility)创建路线图,以及跟“电转气”相关的能源存储

•       发展并协调涉及到氢能的工业生态系统

•       促进行业从业人员,政策制订者,研究人员以及相关教育的合作

•       和政策制订者,利益相关者,大众沟通有关氢能行业的信息

•       是欧洲不同氢能项目的合作单位

•       和欧洲地区其它的氢能项目进行合作

•       活跃在国际氢能网络,比如说国际能源署